Bahauddin Naqshbandi complex

Bahauddin Naqshbandi complex is located in Bukhara, and seems to be the greatest place to visit during the tour. Our company offers various ways to see the complex, being created in the medieval times.

According to the legend which can be heard by all who rent cars Uzbekistan and travel along the country, the 15th centuries there was a brotherhood of Naqshbandi. It was famous for spreading Sufism. At the same time they didn’t call the people to get to hermeticism. There used to be a great amount of traders and public officers.

Other people were looking at the teachings of them with great negativism. With his favorite motto being Heart to God, hands to work! The people of these territories still tend to take this motto in their modern life.

Everyone can rent a car in Uzbekistan and see the complex being the territory for 2 mosques and a minaret. And the time of the creation is of the 16th century. It is also the necropolis, where Khan Abd al-Aziz I was put in 1544. The territory makes the people to see the mosque of Muzaffar Khan as well. It is  very picturesque and magnificent, with a great amount of boarders coming here every day. It is the place of bury of many famous people, like of the dynasties of the Timurids, Sheybanids, Ashtarkhanids and Mangyts.

The territory seems to be the home of the mythical tree mulberry to be growing. And before visiting the country get to know about the ways to visit this location, as it worth it!

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