Ayaz Qala

The fortress Ayaz Qala is located right among the cliffs of Uzbekistan, in the east of the Sultauizdag. Unfortunately, the creation is seen to be in the type of the ruins, which didn’t manage to survive till our days.

The fortress is usually visited by the guests on the rented cars, and they are informed about the legends connected with its emergence, with the hero Ayaz. He is said to fall in love with the Amazon princess living in the fortress of Kirk-Kyz.

The tour organized by our managers is aimed at the necessity to inform that the fortress was created in the 2nd century, in the times of the Kushan Empire. There was made a row of fortress which were located at the necessary distance from each other.

The building has about 15 rooms, the yard, brick walls. Mainly the fortress consists of 3 buildings, with a total amount of 40 rooms. Ayaz- Qala, Ayaz-2 – also said to be erected in the times of Kushan period, and Ayaz-1 which is joined to the center of the main building. The building is said to be the main significant site where it is possible to feel history. And to do it there is a need to rent a car and travel along the country according to the plan created by our team.

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