Archeological museum

The Archeological museum of Termez city is the main attraction wished to be seen by the guests making a tour trip along Uzbekistan. Each guests has a right for the car rent Tashkent service, in order to visit the museum as the place with a great amount of exhibits. Some of the exhibits are about 100 thousand years old.

Clients of our company can be the ones to see the 624 museum exhibits.  Even in the halls of it there are various demonstrations of ancient and modern technologies. The history tells that there were made excavations made in the Surkhandarya region. For now the museum is the home for the total of 76 thousand exhibits.

When you decide to travel here make a notice of the museum as even the outside of the building is made in the unique decoration with historical relief and ancient monuments on the walls. For the better acquaintance the visitants are happy to rent a car and listen to the notes that in 2007 it used to be opened as the “Scientific Center for the Study of the Fayaztepa Archaeological Site”.

Moreover, there is a library with a reading room, 17 000 volumes of books on archeology and history, conference room. Each year about 50 000 people make a visit of the museum. It is remarkable that the guides here are of various languages speaking – Uzbek, Russian, Tajik, Persian, English.

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