Amir Timur square

A rich and interesting history of the Amir Timur square is always the main attraction of the guests. This square always was the main site where the most striking events were happening. We recommend everyone to travel here and listen to the historical notes. For the better acquaintance we are happy to inform that the square was first created in 1870, by the architects from the Russian Empire. The name was given like Konstantin Square.

It is also known that the monument of the square suffered various changes, and first it was considered to be the monument to General Kaufman, then Free Workers, later to Karl Marx. And only then finally the monument to Amir Timur Hiyoboni was placed. The reason to given the monument his name is seen in the great respect to him. He was the person of great political abilities and views, who was the commander in the Middle Ages creating the empire from the Caucasus to China and from Siberia to India. And this empire was powerful for about 200 years.

The tour continues on cars rent in our company, and now we are focusing to the south of the monument, where there are well-known Tashkent chimes. With the first one being put in 1947, being brought to the city from Konigsberg as a trophy after the WW2. The second building was put to make the full imitation of the first one.

For the visitants cars for rent Uzbekistan are the main opportunity to see the chiming clock of Tashkent which used to be of the white colors. At the same there is the contrast of green surrounding of the International Congress Hall. The hall was put in 2009.

This is a place which is rather appropriate for sightseeing means, as there are a lot of buildings which mean a lot for the country. In this case we talk about the Uzbekistan Hotel, the State Museum of Timurid History, the Law University. This square had undergone the process of reconstruction, for it to become more interesting for all to see.

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