You will travel to the canyons of Yangical, which are located in the north-west of Turkmenistan in the Balkan region. The translation of Yangi-kala means "fiery fortresses". It got its name due to the fact that the prevailing red color of the rocks, from which the slides and cliffs are obtained. Such mountains can also be found in China there, by the way they are also called "flaming mountains."

During the travel here you can see a breathtaking view. Passing through a lifeless desert, you are suddenly surrounded by steep slopes that go further into the depths.  In a tour you also will learn that there was the sea, but over time it disappeared, which subsequently climbed steep banks and huge hills. Due to natural corrosion, fancy castles, towers and walls were created. On the tour, you will also notice that the colors of the canyon range from pure white to bright red. At sunset, you will be able to observe all the beauty of the canyons as everything is immersed in fiery colors. In addition, you can also arrange jeep races along the bottom of the canyon. You are unlikely to be able to beat the whole cannon since its size are very impressive. Turkmenistan has many wonders.

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