Turkmenbashi Ruhy Mosque

Turkmenbashi Ruhy Mosque is the largest mosque in Central Asia, located in 11 km. west.

The mosque was built in 2002-2004 due to Turkmenbashi. It is also said “a mosque of spirituality of Turkmenbashi” or “a mosque of spirit of Turkmenbashi”. You will find it located in Kipchak as the native village of Turkmenbashi.

The structure of this mosque cost Turkmenistan $ 100 million and was built of white marble by the French company Bouygues. The total area of the mosque is about 18 thousand square meters. The mosque is surrounded by 4 minarets. The height of the mosque is 55 meters as well as the height of the minarets is 91 meters. The structure has 9 entrances with arches, fountains. This is really very beautiful. Don’t miss to visit it in a tour.

The fact is that, walls of the mosque have “suras” (one of 114 chapters of the Quran) from the Koran as well as quote from the Ruhnama (a special book, written by Turkmenbashi. Thus, many Muslims don’t take serious these writings.

The mosque has a big room for praying designed by white columns and light blue dome. On the floor is a big Turkmen handmade carpet. The mosque can accommodate about 10 thousand people, but there are not many people. There is a parking area which can park A more than 400 cars.

In the center, you will find sarcophagus, where Turkmenbashi buried as well as 3 more sarcophags, where his mother, two brothers are buried, one empty as well as symbolic sarcophagus with the name of the father of Turkmenbashi, who is buried elsewhere.

Most important to be noted that, the mother and both brothers of Turkmenbashi died during the 1948 Ashgabat earthquake, but Turkmenbashi runaway death by accident, because he woke up very early and left the house for a walk.

If you go opposite the entrance to the mausoleum, you will find a memorial complex, dedicated the earthquake, happened in 1948.

Today, the Turkmenbashi Ruha Mosque is a state heritage and pride of the Turkmen people, where its image can be seen in a banknote of 500 manat.

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