Turkmenabat is the center of eastern Turkmenistan and also the second largest city in terms of population. The city is located on the banks of the Amu Darya River. On the tour you will also be interested to know that there was a fortress of the Bukhara emirate Chardzhuy, who guarded the passage of the Amu Darya from attacks by nomadic tribes. And already in those days when the Trans-Caspian railway reached the fortress, the rate turned first into a military, and then into a civilian settlement. In 1999, the city was renamed Turkmenabat, which means "created by the Turkmens." Currently, the city has become a developed industrial and cultural center of Turkmenistan.

And during the travel here you should visit the most important attraction of the city - Kugitang Nature Reserve. It is located southeast of the city. This mountain range will amaze you with its incredible nature that you can capture with a camera. On the tour you will see that the reserve is all green and that rare species of animals and plants grow and live here. And while travel here you can see the famous landmark, a dinosaur plateau with imprints of prehistoric dinosaurs, unique karst caves. Having visited the museum-city of Atamurat, you can see the ancient caravanserais, the mausoleums of Alamberdar and Astana-women, which still remain the pilgrimage site of many believers.

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