Talkahatan Baba Mosque

Today on tour you will visit the Talhatan Baba Mosque, which is located in Turkmenistan, 60 kilometers east of Merv, in the settlement of Murghab. But in our days the name has changed to Yoloten, but in the Middle Ages it was called Dalgatan Dalgalan. Archaeologists suggest that the mosque was built in 1095, evidence that would confirm this.

But you can find other traces of buildings in the mosque by travel here. The walls surround the mosque and in the inner part of the courtyard wall there are two sarcophagi. But from the fact that there is no written language, it is not known to whom they can belong. But there is a theory that two of these sarcophagi belong to Talhatan Baba, who lived during the time of the Seljuks, and his colleague and friend from the madrasah, hence the name attributed to the mosque in Turkmenistan.

Bricks were used to build the building, and the techniques were used in different versions. The mosque was built in the shape of a rectangle with one central dome, and the mihrab was built in the middle. We can say that a square pillar in the middle is connected to the side walls of the arch. In order to close the space was blocked by transverse arches.

 You can travel to see the courtyard consists of a mosque which is connected with three arches. The opening in the middle is the largest and has a high arch. The holes on the sides are smaller. Thus, the building looks like mosques with prayers (open-air prayer sites). According to the construction plan, the minaret would be located in the west, but today it is gone. False niches are located on the Mihrab wall of the building at same intervals with four pointed arches. The interiors of these niches are filled with various types of masonry, stacked in different ways. The relief effect was achieved by installing bricks alternately in the relief and in the recess.

On the walls of the mosque, various construction methods were used. The layout of the brick differently enlivened the appearance of the facades. Moreover it can be seen the pattern that resemble it is possibly to say that the technique shows two rows of horizontally auxiliary bricks and one row of vertically laid bricks. This pattern attract tourist to have a tour here. There is an interesting decoration consisting of terracotta rosettes placed in the seal of Solomon in the upper part of the mihrab.

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