Soltan Sanjar Mausoleum

Soltan Sanjar Mausoleum with the height of 38 m is located in the center of Sultan Kala. The structure was reinstated with Turkish support and increases melodramatically in the exposed basic.

Sanjar, who was grandson of Alp-Arslan, died in 1157, supposedly of a broken heart when, after absconding from imprisonment in Khiva, he returned home to find that his beloved Merv had been robbed by Turkic nomads.

Travelling in Turkmenistan, you will find the mausoleum made in humble cube with a barrel-mounted dome upper. In fact, it had a splendid turquoise-tiled outside dome, which was visible from a distance. The interior is decorated in sparse and attracts traveler from around the world. In a tour, you can go inside and find Sanjar’s stone ‘tomb’, which scares grave robbers. In general, he was buried in unknown place. The architect, Mohammed Ibn Aziz of Serakhs went into the upper part of the east wall and was amazed by its uniqueness. It is worth visiting it in your travel.

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