Shir-Khabir Mausoleum

On a 6 km drive tour from Dehistan, you can find an ancient Muslim necropolis with the famous mausoleum of Ali ibn Sukkari or “Shir-Kabir” in the center. This mosque is one of the works of the prestigious Serakh architectural school. The decor of the entire mosque is made in carved ganch with curls, leafy patterns and kufi inscriptions painted in dark blue, red and pistachio green. You cab enjoys this wonderful sight by having a tour.

During the travel you will learn that this incredibly beautiful mosque is also called the "on wooden columns" mosque. It is the oldest survived mosque in Turkmenistan. The unique decor of the building with a carved chapel, aimed at Mecca, consisting of three niches located one inside the other, due to this it is hard to conclude that the mausoleum was mainly used as a mosque, and not just a tomb.

But unfortunately, the mosque was repeatedly restored only surviving elements of the interior, dated to the 10th century. But it is the interior decoration that indicates how great and prosperous the city was. The pilgrims who visited this sacred place repeatedly claimed that they felt so good anywhere in the world except Mecca because these places were blessed by Allah.

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