Seyit Jamal-Ad-Din Mosque

Seyit Jamal-ad-Din Mosque is located in a few kilometers east of Ashgabat, near to modern Anau.

Travelling in Turkmenistan, you might see wonderful structure with four buildings. the mosque, the buildings beyond the tombstone in front of the mosque, and two large buildings with high domed halls. In 1948, the mosque was destroyed due to earthquake. Still remains attracts traveler from around the world.

In a tour, on the main facade of the mosque, you will see the name of the ruler of Khorasan Sultan Abu-l-Kasim Babur (1446-1457) as well as inscriptions: “This building was built during the reign of the Sultan the Great, the ruler of his people, asylum of countries and epoch of Abul Kasim Babur Bahadurkhan, may the Highest perpetuate his power and his kingdom.” Other inscriptions note that the “House of Beauty” was built by funds of Mohammed (1455-1456) in memory of his father. He was the vizier Muhammad Hudaydot, built near the grave of his father, Jamal al-Din, in Anau.

You will see the wonderful mosque built of baked bricks as well as a square hall straddling 10.5 m and covered by an elliptical dome. It was concerned with the north. In the depth of the room in the thick of the southern wall situated a mihrab decorated with tiles. The eastern and western parts of buildings surrounded by a roomy courtyard with domed halls of about 7 m in diameter. Two floors were surrounded by small rooms. If you look at the northern facade of the mosque, you will find two high two-tier minarets

One of the most valuable things was the image of two dragon-azhdarha heads situated near each other. They have yellow bodies squirmed on a dark blue mosaic background with a small somatic ornament from the jawed mouth of each mysterious creature. Nowadays, its remains are kept in the Museum of Fine Arts.

According to the legend, Seyit Jamal al-Din Mosque: “Throughout the rule of the fair and prudent Queen Jemal, a pillar with a huge bell was connected close the fortress wall of the city. Every single traveler being in need could ring a bell and get it. When the inhabitants caught a chiefly disturbing honk, they ran at the city gates and saw a dragon-azhdarha called them. He showed the mountains, where two masters with axes and saws stood in the crowd. After that, the wise queen said the masters to trail the dragon to the mountains. On arrival, they saw another dragon squirming in dreadful torture. The reason was swallowing a large horned mountain goat, which stuck in his throat. The heroes opened the dragon’s mouth, sawed off the horns and saved its life. Later, the first dragon gave a cave full of treasures, and said to take as much as they want. In the next day, people woke up by ring again. They opened the gate and saw two dragons came with many treasures. They placed gold and precious stones at the feet of the queen and returned to the mountains”.

It sounds like mystery, but for Turkmen people is the highest belief.

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