Revival Park

A wonderful park of Revival has many sculptors as "Ylham" (Inspiration) and located in the historic center of Ashgabat. There are a lot of parks, avenues, squares, streets and side streets as Gerogly Avenue, Azadi and Myati Kosyaeva Streets, Makhtumkuli Avenue, were named after famous Turkmen poets and writers. All of them belong to Ashgabat treasure and develop a great poetry touching ancient roots of old settlement.

Visiting park in a tour, you will see three identical parts with conventional paths and water channels.

There is a beautiful carpet made of yellow-red leaves enclosed the chess board with Abu Bakr Al-Sula who is a talented scientist and polymathic personality of Turkmenistan. He is famous being a chess player and his first book about chess. Moving on, there a large-scale sculpture, belonging to the image of the great Turkmen thinker and poet of the IX century, which is placed in the middle of the arcade, at the basis of a water channel and bounces crossways the park. It covers a big architectural trilogy of old times. A beautiful artificial river follows sculptures re-form the images of famous thinkers and scientists whose art treasures are valuable and considered to be important in Turkmenistan.

These sculpture represents the major features of ancient history. Taking into consideration the figure of Mahmoud Zamakhshary, which is imagined with books and his undying acquaintance, this is a wooden stick, followed with legends and got the name of the greatest scientist and thinker at that period of time up to date.

Talking of the intelligent mathematician – Musa Khwarizmi, scientist Shamsetdin Mervezi and poet Mahmoud Palvan, they highlight the importance of science and knowledge. In addition to a tour, you will be impressed by philosopher – Al-Farabi, who stopped here, playing his favorite – the Tar.

Every travel will amazingly wonder you by Biruni to the long way of adventures. Start emphasizing the journey with Nedzhmetdin Kubra and Kazi Burhanetdin Ahmet, and find outstanding figure of ruler and poet – Jahan Shah, sitting on the throne. There are talented writers as Bayram Khan and his son Abdulrahim Khan, who brought up unforgettable remark to the history of Turkmenistan and India, imaging pictures of elephants in their distinct sculpture. Finally, you can end with sculptures of the great Turkmen scientists and philosophers, poets and theologians as Meana Baba, Mahmud al-Kashgari, Abu Ali Ibn Sina and Al-Sarahsi.

We will continue describing the remarkable poets of XI-XIX centuries as Khoja Ahmed Yasawi advising his young novice, the dreamer as Yunus Emre, Azadi with his creativity of inspiration, poets Zelili and Seidi, which were the best friends, poet and satirist as Kemine, who travelled a lot in his long journey. Yusuf Balasaguny, born a thousand years ago, was famous for singing about love and beauty as well as Nesimi and Fizuli, Navoi and Omar Khayyam, Andalib, Mollanepes and Myatadzhi. They can be seen in the corner of Ashgabat and crowns the Oriental style of the amphitheater, bordered by water jets.

In Turkmenistan tour, you will have an opportunity to wonder with the line of famous sculptured busts of Nurmurad Saryhanov, Becky Seytakov, Berdy Kerbabaev, Aman Kekilov, Ata Govshudov, Kerim Kurbannepesov, Nury Bayramov, Gurbannazar Ezizov, Gara Seyitliev, Nazar Gullyev, Yylgaya Durdyeva, Ashyrberdy Kurt, Mammed Seyidov Berdynazar Hudaynazarov, Annaly Berdiyev, Allaberdy Haidov. The history of Turkmenistan is rich since its appearance.

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