Park of Independence

Ashgabat is the city of love, covering streets with white marble and fountains. Don’t miss to visit the Park of Independence being in a tour. It is one of the attractions, showing the national spirit of new Turkmenistan.

Park of Independence is located on the southern part of the city, near to the avenue of the 10th anniversary of affluence and Archabilsky Avenue. Its area covers 140 hectares, as half of the whole territory of Ashgabat.

Visiting this amazing park, you will be impressed by view of endless paths, marble stairs and porticoes, flowers and comfortable benches, which makes this park – unique. The Independence Park has many monuments. Walking laterally the major avenue, you will see the five-headed eagle fountains and sculptures of folk heroes as well as staircase made by marble.

There are 118-meter column capped with a semicircular five stars which symbolize the unity of the five Turkmen tribes. The lower part of the monument is made in the shape of a big yurt inside where you can see the Museum of Independence.

Travelers will be impressed by the wonderful look of monument even not being fan of it. Don’t miss to visit the sacred place of ancient tribes and admire the rich decoration of grave halls. On the way you will see sketch of the Turkmen coat of arms permitted by the signature of the first president of Turkmenistan. If you go opposite the Independence Monument, there is a statue of Turkmenbashi.

There is an outdoor amphitheater built for concerts and public performances as well as a two-story house – Ruhnama. It is the ethical and philosophical work of Turkmenbashi, all citizens must know. Walking in the evening, there is the green cover of the monument book opens and a documentary film on the big screen.

Another interesting example is the modern Turkmen architecture, which is located in the park. The shape of the pyramidal building goes to the shopping center on a pentagonal vile. Shopping lovers can walk on the ground floor and see offices on the second floor.

After that you can reach the Museum of History and Ethnography and the Museum of the President. They are located on Archabilsky Avenue. Opposite the museums the biggest Turkmen flag. It is the highest flagpole in the world and included in the Guinness Book of Records.

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