Oriental Bazar Altyn Asyr (Täze jygyldyk)

Oriental Bazar Altyn Asyr (Täze jygyldyk) is largest market in Turkmenistan as well as fifth-largest in Central Asia. It is located in Ashgabat, in the residential area Choganly. The main purpose of this place was showing respect to Turkmen carpet ornament of Ahal Province. The total area of market is about 154 hectares. There are 2,155 shops in the market and must be seen by all travellers.

It was constructed in place of the destroyed Tolkuchka bazaar and considered to be wide market spread-eagled crossways the desert conurbations of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, a few kilometers from the center. Nowadays, it is the largest open air market in Central Asia. It is worth travelling in Turkmenistan and see this colorful by own eyes. In the course of a tour, you will have an opportunity to see people selling Turkmen carpets, handicrafts and silks, jewelry and jeans to laundry soap, plastic bags to bales of rice, even camels. It works 24 hours with free admission.

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