“Old Nisa”

By travel to Turkmenistan you will have a chance to see the attraction that is located 18 kilometers west of the capital of the country that existed at the turn of the 1st millennium BC and the 1st millennium AD. After some time in the 3rd century BC the fortress of Old Nisa used to be an imperial residence while New Nisa was the capital of Parthia.

At that time, Old Nisa was the focus of palaces and temple buildings. In the same locations there was a treasury, a huge wine warehouse and pantries with numerous reserves. You will also find out on the tour that the fortress walls were 8–9 m thick, in addition to that, 43 rectangular towers were also fortified.

On the tour you will be interested to know that in 225 the Parthian empire ceased to exist. Later, Old Nisa was destroyed and looted by decree of Artashir, the former governor of Arsacid, thereby he decided to permanently erase this state from the memory of people. The estate placed in Arsasid was looted and practically turned into ruins.

Only after several centuries did this place began to fill with life. This happened because Nisa became part of the Arab Caliphate; unfortunately greatness and power of the fortress did not return. Due to the finds, we can see how powerful Mithridocerta was - beautiful horn-shaped pots (reefs) of ivory, unique documents of the II-I centuries BC, painted with brush on pieces of handwriting, amazing sculptures made of white marble and soon.

The most recent find that has been uncovered in Old Nisa is an extraordinary fragment of the mural, which is a true masterpiece of Parthian fine art.

Nisa Fortress was also added by UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

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