Today you will be able to tour you will be able to visit the cemetery with decorated tombstones and gravestones.

The cemetery is located in the isolated village of Nokhur that is situated in Turkmenistan. Practical each of them is almost marked by a wooden counter decorated with the horns of a mountain goat.

In this tour you will learn a lot of culture and the past of this village. Local residents, like all Turkmen, believe that the horns of a goat can drive away evil spirits and help the souls of the dead ensure a safe passage to heaven. You will also see that the skulls of mountain goats are also found in some porches of houses in the village. This place is famous in Turkmenistan. Many tourists travel here to see the rumored village.

On the Nokhur tour, mountain goats are believed and considered sacred animals for their strength and endurance. During your travel it can also conclude that the belief in mountain goats was earlier than the appearance of Islam, despite the fact that all the inhabitants of Nokhur are devout Muslims, they still believe in the power of mountain horns. But just by this example, it becomes clear how Islam works in Central Asia. True, not counting Blini Vostok, since the advent of Islam has virtually erased all traces of pre-Islamic religions. In Central Asia, everything is slightly different; some well-established traditions were included in the younger religion. For the most part, the names of part of the funeral rites diverge from almost every nation.

It’s just impossible to enter the cemetery, but you will be able to respectfully admiring the horned graves outside the fence.

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