Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts is one of the historical heritages of Turkmenistan, named after Saparmurat Turkmenbashi the Great. It is located in Ashgabat.

There are eleven halls in museum where guests will have an opportunity to find works of talented artists and sculptors.

When you enter, you will find one room, dedicated to Turkmen artists as Baba Ovganov and Yarly Bayramov with their works.

Another room, belonging to older generation of Turkmen masters as Evgenia Adamova, Olga Mizgireva, Byashim Nurali.

The museum includes works of artists and sculptors from Western Europe, belonging to the 14-19th centuries, where you can see the work of Spanish, English as well as Flemish sculptors.

Being in a tour, you will see exclusive halls of the museum, devoted to archaeological finds as the collection of Margush and Old Nissa, handicrafts from Tibet, China, Iran and Japan.

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