Monument of Constitution

The Monument to the Constitution of Turkmenistan is an unusual work of art, exposes important facts about the independence of Turkmenistan. The monument is one of the best places for business meetings and politic events.

The Monument of Constitution was opened by a ceremony on May 18, 2011. The total area of 119,600 m2, surrounded by artificial pools and green areas as well as soldier sculptures with the height of 12 meters.

The monument is about 185 meters tall, where the platform – 27-meter-tall, made by eight-point Turkmen stars increasing in three pyramidal covers at the center, and a 91-meter-high tower, situated at the top of this frame. The tower has carpet patterns from all four sides, symbolizing 5 provinces of Turkmenistan as well as imply the harmony and unity of Turkmen people which is capped by a crescent and five stars. The Monument of Constitution has 5 floors in the main body and 15 floors in the tower as meeting and conference rooms, recreational areas, a museum displaying the historical riches of Turkmen people, reading rooms and 2 observation terraces.

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