In the territory of Turkmenistan from the 8th to the 14th century, the city of Misrian is located, the ruins of which you can see during the trip. You will be amazed that it reached its peak during the reign of the Khorezmshah dynasty. On the tour you can enjoy exploring the ruins by which you can determine how rich and powerful he was. The prosperous Dehistan was divided into a fortified "Shahristan" citadel and "discount". In residential quarters irrigation systems as well as sewage and beautiful gardens were carried out. But from this truly magnificent city, only the famous Shir-Kabir mausoleum of XI-XII centuries, two 25-meter minarets, the portal of the cathedral mosque, the remains of clay city walls, the ruins of caravan areas and the mausoleum on the Mashat necropolis are left.

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