One of the most visited places in Turkmenistan is Mary. Moreover, you will travel to the city that is the third largest in the country, it is located in the Karakum desert. During the travel here you will be notified that the city was founded in 1884 as the Russian military administrative center 30 kilometers from the ancient Merv.

Currently, the city is not only known for its cotton industry, large traffic point and the main center of gas industry which brings the most revenues to Turkmenistan treasury. Also on the tour you will have the opportunity to visit the museum and see a huge collection of various finds, the famous Turkmen carpets and national costumes.

On the tour, you will also learn about the existence of the state-protected Bayramali architectural zone. This zone consists of ancient cultural monuments, which were supposedly the capitals of ancient Merv.

Some of the most important are Sultan Kala (9th-12th centuries), Gyaur-Gala (3rd century BC - 8th-9th centuries CE), Erk-Gala (1st century BC) ), Abdullahan Gala (15th century) and Bayramalikhan - Gala (18th century). There, the most important attraction is the mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar (1118-1157).

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