Kyrk Gyz

You will stumble upon a cave covered with strange fabric stalactites in Turkmenistan. In the travel it will also seem to you constantly that you are seeing something familiar, but by the passage of time it will seem strange to you. You will be amazed that the entire cave is covered with stalactites, but if you get closer, it’s clear to you that this is not a stone, but a fabric. Also, local residents have a legend that you can try to fulfill during the tour. The legend says that he who manages to throw a dirty cake with a cloth, and he sticks with a howl, then his wait will come true.

Translation of the Kirk Gyz means "Forty Girls Cave". During the tour you can listen another legend that says that these forty girls escaped to not be raped and killed at the hands of bandits. In a cave they met a mysterious old woman whose grave is said to be in front of the cave. But the bandits found them and the girls in desperation began to pray to the gods who showed them the path to salvation through the caves. However, how this story relates to the placement of dirt-soaked strips of fabric on the cave ceiling remains unclear. By travel to this place is very confusing and interesting to see the different part of Turkmenistan.

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