Kow Ata

On tour, you can be deceived by this interesting place. Despite the fact that this bathing place is also home to the largest known bat colony in Central Asia.

In Turkmenistan it is very difficult to find a place for swimming is often not easy. And all this is due to the fact that in the summer everything burns here. Despite the fact that Turkmenistan has no access to the sea, they have access to a merchant’s lake in the world - Caspian Sea that is possible to visit while travel here.

A landlocked country has access to the Caspian Sea. The place by the way is very popular, even among the local people.  You will have opportunity Caspian Sea to see such wonderful tour for it.

Using a metal staircase that leads to the Baharden Cave, where there is a 235-foot lake. The warm waters of this lake contain a large number of different salts and minerals, especially sulfur, which is responsible for the distinct smell in the cave. Thus, the underground lake At Ata is also the closest thermal resort to Turkmenistan.

To travel, you will also learn that the cave is also a natural monument, created to protect the largest known bat colony in all of Central Asia. And precisely because of this, not everyone can swim here or not.

The lake is best visited by its own transport, and you can drive to Ashgabat in one and a half and a half hours. Admission is not free. It is better to bring a change of clothes so that after visiting the lake it does not smell of sulfur.

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