Ibn Zeid Mausoleum

Ibn Zeid Mausoleum is the wonderful structure of Sultan Qala. It has small size, but very beautiful design. In the course of a tour, you will find a unique wall inscription written in Arabic. They are carved from yellow brick with outstanding patterns.

Consuming the descendants of the family of a prophet demanding to be an “imamat” (one of the pillars of Shiite Islam) Muhammad ibn Zeid in the 8th century AD controlled a revolt against the Arab caliphs of the Umayyads. It self-confessed that Mamammed ibn Zeid had died. His body was placed on the cross in Kufa and head was chopped off and sent to the Caliph in Damascus. Originally, the mausoleum was a small robot, where the head was placed. Nowadays it is one of the best examples of Islamic architecture and worth visiting by travelers. Visiting it, you will admire harmony and simplicity.

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