Gyz Gala

The Gyz-Gala is a beautiful fortress, located in Turkmenistan, in the Merv, near the city of Bayram Ali. In the VI century it was one of the significant interchange parts on the Great Silk Road. In the course of a tour, you will see two small fortresses – Big and Small. According to research, Big Gyz-Gala was two-story. Entering in fortress you will find 5 rooms where staircase leading down through an arc-shaped corridor. Talking of the second floor, it has 5 rooms located on the courtyard. Small Gyz-Gala was built in the same plan, made of the arches, burnt bricks. Khorezm architects really loved to use in the construction. If you go inside the fortress, there are residential and utility rooms, starting a courtyard. Gyz Gala is always cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Before the fortress used for the crops. It is worth travelling in Turkmenistan and get inspiration of ancient treasure as Gyz Gala.

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