Gyaur Gala

Gyaur Gala is the valuable building in Turkmenistan with the total area over 300 hectares. The walls of Gyaur-Gala are four-sided with the hills of fortifications placed at undistinguishable distance from each other.

Visiting this amazing place you will see its length of each wall of about 2 km, with gate. The remains of the roads lead to the four gates. The road from the south to the north drives straight from the southern gate to the battlements of Erk Gala showing way to the citadel and runs to the northern gates.

The ruins of Gyaur-Gala encompass the city of Margian Antioquia made in the backgrounds of old construction. The founder of the city was Selevkid king Antiochus Soter, lived in 280-261. When he was in Marhiana he well-ordered border the place with a 230 km wall and to originate the city of Antioquia.

The wall of Antiochus endangered the domains of Merv from the desert sands and from hostile nomads, where its remains can be found in the north of Mary.

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