Great Mashad cemetery

If you have a tour connected with the place of Dehistan that is considered to be one of the most interesting places in Turkmenistan, then you can definitely enjoy the picturesque towers of ancient settlements and monuments of the 10-12th century. In addition, while travel here you can see the most ancient mosque of the early Islamic period, which stands at the ancient burial site of Mashat. Despite the fact that the city is now practically isolated many centuries ago, it was incredibly prosperous, standing on caravan routes between Khorezm and the Persian Hyrcania.

Dehistan is also interesting for having three periods of developing you will be informed about them during a tour. Each of them stood out with something. In addition, in spite of the fact that there is practical nothing left, and only a smooth plateau is visible if you look from a height, you will see that when everyone was irrigating here and there was a very developed agricultural crop in this area. But also according to the research of archaeologists, it becomes clear that this happened periodically. This area was famous for its work and the cities were not inferior to such stalwart and famous cities as Merv, Gurganj, Samarkand. During the travel here you will definitely not be able to forget the beauty of this story.

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