Gozli Ata

Today you will have a tour of the place where pilgrims come from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan - Gozli-Ata is. It was on these lands that the brave Turkmen wars defended themselves from the troops of the Khiva khan, thereby defending their independence. Every people want to travel here to see this place.

There will have a tour to visit the sacred places, cemeteries, the legendary hometown of Turkmen Ata. The territory of which is known for its religious rites and the sound of the names of the legendary commanders. In honor of one of the greatest generals, this place was named. And we are talking about a person who was mystical man and spiritual leader of the Balkan Turkmen tribes in the Middle Ages, whose name corresponds to the name of this place Gozli-ata, or Uzinhasan. At the age of 102, he managed to unite the Turkmen tribes to go against the armies of the Khiva Sufi khan. This event took place in the 20s of the 16th century.

Already at the beginning of the 14th century Gozli Ata had a lot of followers, until then he did not die at the hands of the Mongol invaders. Its mausoleum is a very popular place among those who travel and among pilgrims, and the mausoleum itself, located in the natural hollow of a rocky desert. His wife is buried next to him in a nearby mausoleum and so accepted that visitors should first pray at her last resting place. Likewise, a cemetery appeared on the tombstones of which there are recesses where water can collect to "feed" the soul of the deceased.

To get to one of the attractions of Turkmenistan - Gozli Ata which is located 135 km north of Balkanabat; and experienced driver is required.

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