Gonur Depe

Today you will have a tour to the ancient settlement that existed even before the tower in Merv appeared. Almost all Bronze Age villages settled near the Murghab River in the so-called Margiana oasis. And the most grandiose village at that time was that which is now located near Gonur Depe. Oddly enough, the settlement impressed and excited the archaeological world with its vast territory and complex layout.

And the tour to the Royal Palace as well as to the necropolis will be one of the most interesting.

This historical monument was found in 1972 by the Russian-Greek archaeologist Viktor Sarianidiyu. The archaeologist is still working on the spot, discovering new finds. This place fascinates you as one of the most interesting civilizations of the ancient world that worshiped fire. Traveling here you will also find out that the first settled settlements appeared somewhere in 7000 BC agricultural development was quite serious. Archaeologists suggest that the settlement was abandoned in the Bronze Age when the river that fed this place did not change course. Evidences found in the territories of this area date back to 3000 BC.

Also, the Syrianids believe that the birthplace of Zoroastrianism was precisely this apocalypse. Zoroastrianism is notable for the fact that the first monotheistic religion. It is also assumed that it was the home of the founder of the Zoroaster religion. Moreover four fire temples were discovered nearby, well as evidence of a cult based around a medicinal potion made from poppy, hemp and ephedra plants. This elixir was used by the magi and Zoroaster preached his religion against it.

Also, to travel here you need to use off-road vehicles because the last part of the road consists almost of dirt.

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