Ertogrul Gazy mosque

Ertogrul Gazy Mosque is known as the most respected Muslim mosques in Turkmenistan. The sacred building appeared at the period of independence and attracts travelers with its massive size and oriental style.

The mosque was placed in the 90s. XX century in the center of Ashgabat, on Azadi street. Before it called the Azadi mosque.

Azadi Mosque is the largest mosque in Ashgabat and accommodate about 5 thousand people. Visiting this mosque in a tour, you will be impressed by Turkish style, named after Oguzhan Ertogrul, who was the father of the first leader of the Ottoman Empire – Osman I.

The opening of the mosque was held in 1998. The decoration of this sacred place was made with four snow-white minarets as the famous Blue Mosque, which is located in Istanbul.

It is worth travelling in Turkmenistan and see the external and internal style of the Azadi mosque made in ancient Islamic-Byzantine style. Travelers will be impressed by the eastern property and capture it.

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