Erk Gala

In ancient times, Erk Gala was the center of the ancient Merv. The fortress walls of Erk-Gala spun rather below clay residues, but reserved its height and supremacy. It is situated out among other fortresses of Turkmenistan. The height of Erk Gala is about 25 - 29 m. The total territory area is 20 hectares.

The fortress has a beautiful and big round structure, to the entrance. Actually, it has the only entrance, located on a hill as on the south cross of the fortress. If you visit this amazing fortress in a tour, you will find the remains of the ruler’s palace growth. Travelling from the northern part of Erk-Gala, is a city square, intented for a big majority of people. Before, the Erk-Gala was the capital of the city of Margush. If you are in Turkmenistan, don’t miss to visit it in your tour.

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