Ekedeshik Caves

The cave city of Ekedeshik your place for the tour, “one hole” in translation from Turkmen, is a unique ancient city located in the oasis of Tagta Bazar. In Turkmenistan, this place has the status of the State Historical and Architectural Reserve. And there is only one way out of this cave. It will be useful to know during travel.

Archaeologists have established that people lived here from the 1st century BC.  On the travel you will see that the cave itself has two floors. On the lower floors there is a peculiar irrigation system supplying water to the entire cave. In time, on the upper floors there were living quarters, kitchen rooms, halls and even something like an altar. All the structures of this cave date back to the 14-15th centuries. The house in the cave is excavated, any building material was used. Shelves used to decorate the house were made in the walls of buildings. Scientists believe that many families lived in the cave. By having tour here you will gain more information.

In a blunt you will also be informed that Ekedeshik served as a monastery. This is evidenced by the fact that large places were used as monasteries in Central Asia. Most monasteries were Buddhist or Christian.

Nothing is known about who and when, and most importantly, why this was done. But many legends say that it was the work of Alexander the Great. Another legend says that genies worked on this.

Today, archaeological excavations are conducted in caves. Excavations may reveal the origin of this structure.

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