As you already know, those who travel here are likely to choose this attraction deliberately since there are a lot of photos, videos and stories associated with this place. The very flame of fire burning among the sands captivates all travelers. But at the same time, few are aware of how this mysterious place appeared on the territory of Turkmenistan, which is located 266 kilometers north of the city of Ashgabat.

The famous doors to hell appeared after in 1971, in the Karakum desert, geologists began to drill a well to produce gas. But due to accidental circumstance, during the drilling an underground cavity was opened as a result of which all equipment including the drilling rig and the cars were damaged. People were not hurt, but natural gas came out of the cavity. Fearing that gas could harm the local villagers near the drilling site, they decided to set fire to the gas, believing that all gas would burn out in a few days. Time passed but the gas did not burn, it continued to burn for days, weeks, months, that turned into years. After a sufficient amount of time in 2004, Turkmenbashi issued a decree to transfer of the village to another place. It is not known how long this will last and what will happen in the end. There are several options for events, either the reserves are finally exhausted or the pit is filled. Still, do not forget that gas is a rather valuable resource that has been wasted for nothing for so much time. But the gas crater continues to burn, attracting tourists to travel to Turkmenistan with its exceptional beauty and mysterious honor. Despite all the mystery of the day, you are unlikely to be impressed by this greatness because in the light of day you will think that this is just a big hole. Because of this, on the tour you will be disappointed in the sights with the mystical name “Door to Hell”. But the closer you get, the more interesting the picture will be, in a twenty-meter crater flames will blaze and meander in a fancy dance. The gas exits by heating while the air is hot. If you see a flaming crater in the early evening, you will be fascinated by the view of the flame that does not allow itself to absorb on a dark night and the heat of which you will feel. In addition, on the tour you will be interested to see several smaller craters filled with turquoise liquid. But it is better to study them during the day and be very careful as the craters crumble a lot and the smell of gas is very noticeable. You will also be amazed by the fact that Darvaza is very different from other natural attractions by the fact that here you will not find paid parking lots, pedestrian walkways, fences and stalls where souvenirs are sold, but you can quite use car rent service. All that surrounds a hole is just a desert. The only thing you can manage to visit is the cafe, which is located several kilometers south of the crater. Using a car rent, you can also get to the Yerbent trees, which is 90 kilometers from the crater to find a store. In addition you also should know that to reach the Doors to Hell can by SUV.

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