Complex of Askhabs

Complex of Askhabs are the “associates” of Prophet Mohammed, buried ibn Al Khusseib Al-Aslami and Al-Khakim ibn Amr Al-Gifari.

After death of Askhabs their tombs developed native preserves. In the 15th century Timurids built a spiritual complex around them. The are decorated with beautiful respite and ornaments and situated in the center of the mausoleum. There are two reinstated aivans (a curved room, enclosed on three sides and open on the fourth side) located behind tombs. They oriented to the south. Its height is about 12 meters. In the middle of the back wall of the mausoleum, you will the word «ALLAH", written in Kufi language.

Nowadays, the tombs are still open for pilgrimage as well as with open-air cooking facilities. It will be nice if you visit it in your tour.

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