Carpet Museum

Art in Turkmenistan is enormous making Carpet Museum truly interesting among travelers. Turkmen respects their carpet the same as Egyptians – pyramids. It is considered to be one of the oldest arts in Turkmenistan. Carpets appeared on the territory of Turkmenistan in the 6th century B.C, where the remains of carpets found in the 1940's at Altai, the age of which was 2,500 years old.

Development of Turkmen carpets took over centuries to make beautiful style and art. Its ornaments are geometric, full of love and traditionally artistic.

Secrets of carpet making passed from generation to generation. Nowadays there are a lot of carpets in Turkmenistan of different shape. For Turkmen people, the carpets were tremendously important. They use them on walls, protecting themselves from cold. Nowadays, Turkmen carpets are known for all over the world.

Today, carpet making has become a professional art as Turkmen's ancestors, natural dyes and Saryja sheep wool in order to make it smooth.

If you visit the Carpet Museum in a tour, you will see a big collection of Turkmen carpets from over 20 centuries. All of them have different colors as well as patterns. Don’t miss to travel in Turkmenistan and see the biggest carpet in the world with the size of 14x21 m!

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