Today you will see the mausoleum which is also part of a memorial complex consisting of a mosque and a tomb that is located in Turkmenistan. But if it is deeper to go deeper, then it is several united buildings built at different times. While travel here you will see that they were built so close that it is rather difficult to disassemble the previous form. This mausoleum named after Astana-Baba is a monument of the 11th-12th centuries. This is a place of worship for saints visited by pilgrims and interesting attraction for those who love to travel. No one knows who Astana Baba is, but in spite of that, everyone honors that place as a holy and healing power. An incredible number of sick people gather here every year to receive the long-awaited healing. And because of this, the number of pilgrims is growing more and more.

In addition, the complex includes the mausoleums of Zed Ali and Zuweid Ali you will see them on the tour. There is even a legend that you will be interested to listen to on tour. It says that the ruler of Balkh had a beautiful daughter of Zuweid. Soon after the wedding, she died. The inconsolable father called the best craftsmen from Merv and Samarkand to the city to build a beautiful mausoleum in memory of his daughter, but immediately after its construction the mausoleum collapsed. And no matter how many mausoleums they built, they all eventually collapsed. And once in a dream an old man came to the ruler who advised him to build a mausoleum from clay and water brought from Mecca. He didn’t have much choice because he made as the old man ordered. Soon the mausoleum was completed, and after the death of the ruler, his body was buried next to his daughter. "

The water in the water well was used to build the Zeid Ali mausoleum, and Zuweid Ali is considered a saint. Turkmenistan is the country full of mystery. 

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