The capital of Turkmenistan is Ashgabat. It is the largest administrative, political, transport, trade, scientific as well as cultural center of the country.

The word “Ashgabat means “Ashk” – love and “abad” – city. That’s why it is called “city of love”.

Ashgabat is situated in the south of Turkmenistan in 25km north of the Iran border and unglued by Kopetdag mountains, whereas on the other side the city borders with the Karakum desert.

The first reimbursements on the modern territory of Ashgabat found to the Neolithic era, about 6000 BC, where the Kopetdag mountains considered an agricultural place.

At the period of time when Ashkhabad ancient military fortress was built in 1881, the city developed the administrative center of the Trans-Caspian region and named Poltoratsk in 1919 and 1927. After establishing the Turkmen SSR on 27 October 1924, the city converted the capital of Turkmenistan. In 1927, it presented the name of Ashgabat.

Being in Turkmenistan tour, you will be told that, the city faced by catastrophic earthquake happened in 1948, where the city was fully ruined. According to rates, there are about half and two-thirds of the population lost their lives in the tragedy.

Over the years, the city was rebuilt after getting independence. On the way of reconstruction, the city paid a careful attention of developing landscapes and background.

Nowadays, the prospective city of Ashgabat is defined to be one of the bright cities in Central Asia and attracts travelers from around the world.

In the course of travel, you will find many sites and highlights as 6 theaters, 5 state museums, 20 universities, research and design institutes as well as the biggest Ashgabat Olympic Complex. In addition, there are 20 universities, 140 high schools, large research and design institutes settled in the city

It is important to note that, Ashgabat was included into the Guinness Book of Records for many times. The reason of achievement was the largest number of buildings made of white marble. In a tour, you can see 543 of them with the total area of the marble – 4.5 million square meters. There are other archives as the world's tallest flagpole of 133 meters, the largest Ferris wheel, the largest fountain complex “Oguzkhan and Sons” taking a total area of 15 hectares and of course the biggest architectural monument – “The Oguzkhan Star” on Turkmen television tower. Turkmenistan continues to amaze travelers with its ancient as well as modern wonders.

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