Abiverd fortress

Abiverd fortress is located in 8 kilometers to the west of Kaka and lies to the south of the Ashgabat road.

Before, Abiverd was an important interchange town of North Khorasan. It was a golden key on the Silk Route between Nisa and Merv, and tied across Nishapur, across the Kopet Dag Mountains to the south. There were taxes in region composed from Abiverd at one point in the 9th century and were nearly twofold individuals of Serakhs, but Abiverd never recovered its status by the Mongols in 1221. Abiverd always had a sophisticated system of water supply, formed extremely stared ceramic, and issued own coins. The site suggests only a tip of these historical splendors. The eastern part of the site has a citadel with soil battlements outdid in some places by enduring bounces of mud-brick walls and surrounded by a dry moat. Also disintegrating mud walls of houses perhaps unrestrained in the 18th century.

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