Turkmenistan sights

Turkmenistan sights

If you cannot decide where to go on a tour, let me offer you a country that will amaze you with its ancient sights with amazing history. All this is about a country located in Central Asia - Turkmenistan. During the trip you will be able to see many memorable and uniquely designed finds. Of course, there are buildings where you can get all the known history of the country - Tombs of Turkmenbashi, Complex of Askhabs State, Museum of History, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Ethnography, furthermore you can also see pure nature of such place as Yangikala, Kainar Baba and others.

In addition you can enjoy the tour after discussion and then you will also receive a description of the tour with distance and height of the places.

This is the time to conquer this country full of interesting sites. Use the information to make travel easier.

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Ashgabat is the capital of Turkmenistan encircled by Kopetdag mountains and Karakum desert.
Revival Park is Ashgabat treasure where you discover outstanding figures of Turkmenistan.
Russian Market founded by Russian settlers is a great example of Turkmen architecture.
Lenin’s square is one of the most visited sights with an enormous statue of Lenin.
Ertogrul Gazy mosque is the largest one that accommodates about 5 thousand people.
Park of Independence is a huge space of 140 hectares revealing the national spirit.
Neutrality Arch is considered to be the highest building in the world with 95 m height.
Earthquake Memorial is dedicated to tragic earthquake of 10 points happened in 1948.
Museum of Ethnography has a huge collection of ancient attributes and scientific center.
Museum of Fine Arts includes works of artists of Turkmenistan as well as Western Europe.
State Museum of History has halls dedicated to the history, modern culture and ethnography.
Turkmenbashi Ruhy Mosque located in Kipchak is “a mosque of spirit of Turkmenbashi”.
The Wedding Palace “Bagt köşgi” united hearts of all Turkmen couples.
Health Path of Turkmenbashy was made to improve the health of Turkmen citizens.
Monument of Constitution is an unusual work of art, exposes important historical facts.
“Alem” Culture and Recreation Center is famous for the world's tallest Ferris wheel.
Carpet Museum stores a big collection of Turkmen carpets from over 20 centuries.
Mausoleum of the first President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov.
Oriental Bazar Altyn Asyr (Täze jygyldyk) is fifth-largest market in Central Asia.
Kopet Dag Mountain is the celestial mountain system between Turkmenistan and Iran.
Abiverd fortress used to be a golden key on the Silk Route between Nisa and Merv.
Seyit Jamal-Ad-Din Mosque’s one of the most valuable things was the image of two dragon.
Ancient Merv has more than 4,000-year-long history and included in the UNESCO list.
Gyz Gala is a fortress that was one of the significant interchange parts on the Great Silk Road.
Erk Gala was the center of Merv in ancient times with total area of 20 hectares.
Gyaur Gala is the valuable building in Turkmenistan with the total area over 300 hectares.
Soltan Gala was founded in the XI-XII centuries by Seljukid Sultan Melik Shah.
Soltan Sanjar Mausoleum with the height of 38 m is located in the center of Sultan Kala.
Ibn Zeid Mausoleum is one of the best examples of Islamic architecture.
Complex of Askhabs is the “associates” of Prophet and has a spiritual complex around.
Margiana/ Margush is the oldest town, belonging to the famous Behistun inscription.
Complex of Monuments of Oguz Han was added to the Guinness Book of Records.
Tombs of Turkmenbashi is the ancestral tomb of the Turkmen emirs of the Sadly dynasty.
“Old Nisa” is the first capital of the Parthian kingdom, which arose in the III century BC.
Gokdepe is the fortress that brought serious problem for Russian Army.
Darwaza is the famousDoors to Hellwhere that is very captivating to see
Kone Urgench is the city that was mentioned in the holy book of the Zoroastrians "Avesta"
Damla is the a small paradise of traditional Turkmen life which has been preserved.
Gonur Depe is the archaeological park, the largest settlements on the Murghab River.
Mary is the zone consisting of ancient cultural monuments that is located in the Karakum desert.
Talkahatan Baba Mosque is place where two of the sarcophagi belong to Talhatan Baba stay
Ekedeshik Caves as many legends say, it was the done by Alexander the Great.
Kow Ata is the Turkmenistan's underground lake considered to be the wonder of nature.
Nokhur is isolated village with the cemetery decorated by the horns of a mountain goat.
Balkanabat is a leader in the oil and gas industry, found in the west of Turkmenistan.
Dekhistan is the place where the oldest mosque was found, a masterpiece of Islamic art.
Great Mashad cemetery was in the city that was once prosperous and is now almost isolated.
Shir-Khabir Mausoleum is ancient Muslim necropolis, famous for work of architectural school.
Messarian is located on ruins that once were prosperous at the reign of the horezmshah dynasty.
Yangikala it is possible to arrange jeep races along the bottom of the canyon.
Gozli Ata is full of sacred palaces, named in honor of mystical man and spiritual leader.
Awaza is the land of singing waves, place where the fancy cascade of waterfalls is situated.
Turkmenabat became a developed industrial and cultural center of Turkmenistan.
Astana-Baba is a place of worship for saints visited by pilgrims, a lot of legend tells about it.
Kyrk Gyz is the cave covered with strange fabric stalactites and not with stone one.
Kainar Baba is a small lake with a diameter of 25 meters, with crystal clear drinking water.

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