Yashil Kul Lake

As there is a Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province in the south of Tajikistan, we are glad to show the famous site of this territory which is the Yashil Kul Lake on cars rented in Tajikistan and Dushanbe. It is located in 130km from Khorog. Amid the tour the guests will see that the lake is surrounded by the Pamir mountains, in the Gunt valley to be located. The total area is about 3,600 hectares.

Boarders come here with an aim to travel along the territories of 3700 m above sea level. Basically the trip needs to be about 2-3 days. Out of it the hikers think of going to the lake Sarez. But mainly they wander along these territories, hiking and trekking along the mountains.

On the finishing of the trip the guests get to the small village of Alichur near the lake. But its territory is difficult for living, as nothing grows here, and there is no work for people. It is very cold here, and there are no so many foreigners coming to this village.

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