Still being in the Vakhan Valley don’t forget to travel to the Yamg. It is the village of the self-taught scholar, theologian Sufi Muborakkadam. As he was the inventor, he was named as Leonardo da Vinci from Yamg.

The tour to Tajikistan can be surely interesting and overwhelming with the cars rent opportunities, as the history of Sufi Muborakkadam will be given. He is considered to be the man who managed the calendar holidays. And the locals are proud for this history. They have created a special museum telling the story of the Sufi.

Mainly the territory is located in the heart of Asia. The Pamirs surround it, and the blue sky is nearly touching the tops of the king-mountains. The Pamirs are considered to be the territory of the ancient history, of the people living there in the ancient times. But mostly the people those times were separated from each other by the ranges. That is why now there are different languages and dialects.

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