Yamchun fortress

Here we have finally come to tell the guests about Yamchun fortress. It is seen to be the most thrilling attraction for the guests in a tour in Tajikistan. The fortress is located in 90km from Ishkashim, in the Vakhan Valley. The views here are amazing as the territory is covered with natural canyons and they can be seen on cars rent.

The fortress is surrounded by heavy and strong walls, of about 950m. There are 40 towers, the structures of which are impressive and overwhelming. There are ruins as well, and they show us the previously great structure. Mainly, the ruins tell, that the fortress was created about 2000 years old ago. Rent a car here, and be sure the trip will be comfortable.

The fortress has a great meaning for the Vakhan Valley, as it was the home of Sufi Muborakkadam – the person of great skills - theologian, calligrapher, musician. He was given a name Muborak of Vakhan and Leonardo da Vinci from Yamg. The locals are proud for the history of this place. There are musical instruments stored in the fortress. In order to get there with an aim to travel all need to take a taxi.

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