Sugd museum

Sugd museum is literally the main mean of commemoration of the times of the history of the Sugd region. It brings us the understanding of the greatness of the heritage from the past times of the city of Khujand. As the previous generations wanted to save their history for the generations of the future.

Our team is glad to offer the tour to the museum on rented cars, as being in Tajikistan it is highly important to make a trip to this place. It is interesting that in 1991 and up to 2004 the museum started to be located in the the restaurant "panchshanbeh". This is considered to be the center of Khoja Abdulaziz, the place where most of shopping deals are made.

Then the museum started to be located at the territory of a Shoe factory in Khujand. As the guests travel here they find out that in July 2003, the museum started to undergo the reconstruction, with 3 million 800 thousand somoni to be spent on it. At the same time the President of the country gave his own money in the amount of 500 thousand somoni in addition.

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