The serpentine road is the direct way along which the guests of Tajikistan can visit the lake Soya, which seems to be the second famous lake of the country. From the Tajik language, the name of the lake means “shadow”, as located between the mountains, the shade is created for almost the entire day.

Clients of our company, who travel here can freely notice, that this lake is like Nezhigon, tends to change the colors. Being at the altitude of 1,701m above sea level, the water is clear, the blue colors are bright. The bottom of the lake opens us the underworld of stones with the sky seen in the lake itself.

Being here it is possible to notice how the colors are changing, like from blue to velvet. Sunshine is bright, the guests usually feel great there. All of the beauties you can feel in the trip on the service of Tajikistan rent cars. We are happy to organize the tour to this site, as we desire all of the guests to see the beauties of the land along with feeling fresh air.

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