According to the information taken from the scientific resources, there have been made about 5 excavation works which gave the opportunity to see the ancient city Sarazm. This place bears great significance, as it is the first site which was taken as the UNESCO Heritage in Tajikistan.

The historical notes can be clearly achieved during a tour aimed at the places of great historical significance. During the trip along the city you are required to take into account the company Dushanbe rent a car, the students from archeological states can be seen, as they investigate the sites of the city, dig something from the earth.

The city is said to be created in 3000 BC. And those times it was the center of agriculture and metal. The walls are made of mud. Though the museum is small, there is a great amount of exhibits to be seen.

Being located in 10 km from Pendjikent, it seems to be close to the border with Uzbekistan and can be reached on cars for rent. Basically, during the autumn period, the ruins of the city can be barely seen as the great city of the past. Our team is ready to organize the ways for all to travel here with no problems.

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