Rushan fortress

Today there are a lot of opportunities of the trips to be taken by the people fond of making their own tour, as to Rushan fortress for example. The Rushan fortress is located in the Rushan district right between Shugnan from the South, Wanjh from the West, Murghab from the East and the Fazabad district of the Republic of Afghanistan in the West.

The people of this territory speak the dialect of their own. Moreover, as the guests travel here as members of the Tajikistan rent car opportunities, they can see that their language resembles the European one, which was created from the Macedonian one.

It is located in the mountains of Tajikistan, in the region of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region. An interesting fact is seen in the name, which literally means "Nohiyai Rushan". In translation it is seen as "Light" or " Ray ", created in 1932.

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