Rudaki Park

As usual our team desires to make the guests interested in the tour, and in this case we have prepared the trip to the Rudaki Park. This park is the most visited one, in comparison with the other sightseeing of the country, as it preserves the image of the most comfortable and attractive garden, which bears the means of buildings and beautiful marks against which the heart-striving photos can be made.

Travel in Tajikistan at this place and you will see the flowers and lawns, surrounding the statue to the poet Rudaki. The common duration of the trip is usually an hour, with any day from 6 to 10 of opening time. Very often we are asked about the possibilities of visiting it, and we managed to find out, that the way to the park can be made with the trolleybuses 2 and 10, buses 8 and 23 or using the service of rent cars. The stop is near the parliament. Then the guests need to pass the Ismail Somoni monument.

Being here not all of the people notice the other statue, but it’s remarkable. Here the statue to the girl with legs crossed is depicted; she is looking, even staring at the men who literally whirling clay on the wheel. The monument to Rudaki in the Rudaki park is depicted under the arch, with a view to the fountain. Near the site, the flagpole can be visited, the national museum as well.

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