Rudaki museum

Welcome to the Rudaki museum, as your tour will surely be going passing it. It is the place where the visitants can feel the history, along with the history of the times of the Ancient Sogdiana. Being here all can notice the existence of several rooms, some of which are just made in honor of Abu Abdullah Rudaki. Here a lot of artifacts and paintings of the old times are saved. One of the rooms is known as the the ‘museum of horrible taxidermy’, just visiting it for yourself it is possible to understand the reason of such a name. The entering costs 15 somoni.

As vacationers travel here with our company, they will get the full specter of services for the comfortable trip of Tajikistan rent car. Here they are free to investigate the artifacts saved in the museum, the things of the ancient Penjikent, of the the Sarazm people. Also the things saved from the times of Arab invaders in 8th century A.D.

There are remnants saved for the system of the UNESCO world heritage, when excavation works were made at the border of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The remnants say about the first attempts of the people to estimate the means of agriculture, herding and metallurgy.

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