Rangkul Lake

Murghab is the territory of Tajikistan, mostly visited by the guests, who desire to make a tour to Rangkul Lake on rented cars as well. The way to the lake is going passing Shorkul, with the view of the local dwellers who are happy to meet the foreigners and talk about their country.

The lake is cold and deep. Anyway it is an unspoiled spot of nature high in the mountains. On the lake there is Chyrak Tash which means the Stone Lamp. As due to the neighboring position, the night can be spent in the Kyrgyz yurts. Our offer is to take into account the service of car rent in Tajikistan.

As the guests usually travel this way, they say that it takes about 82 km to get to the lake and return to Murghab. For your acquaintance, there is a homestay Taalay, which owners are very hospitable and nice.

The lake is presented as the perfect place for animals and birds. So, on the lake there are natural islands, on which geese of wild origin live. There is also the cave of new-comers, and in other words it is named as cave Matatash. This site is connected with the legend saying that there used to wander Alexander the Great, hiding the treasure.

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