Panjshanbe bazaar

On coming to Tajikistan in the middle of the tour, the guests wish to get souvenirs, and in this case they are going to Panjshanbe bazaar. This is the bazaar of various things, with rows of stalls for the people to sell the great amount of the products and goods. In case the guests trip here on their own, they mostly do it on cars rent. Here the visitants can not only buy the goods, but just to walk and wander.

The market is located in the district of commerce of Khujand. It shows the combination of Islamic tombs of the ancient times and the Soviet era of the past times. The market is made in the style of amazing gilded statues and columns.

The visitants tend to travel along the market and make stunning photos of the people and the products. The following hotels are located very near the market – in 2.21 km - Khujand Deluxe Hotel, in 1.77 km - Armon Apart Hotel, in 1.25 km - Khujand Grand Hotel, 1.76 km - Parliament Palace Hotel, in 2.89 km - the Hotel Firuz. At the same time the following sightseeing are offered for visiting: in 1.30 km - Local history Museum of archeology and fortification, in 0.04 km - Masjidi Jami Mosque, in 0.17 km - Stella to fallen heroes in the fight against fascism, in 1.20 km - Tajik music and drama theater named after Kamoli Khujandi, in 1.36 km - flagpole of Dushanbe.

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