Old Panjakent

As any tour when guests rent a car in Tajikistan concerns, we try to organize it according to all means of comfort of our guests, and we offer to visit the old Panjakent. It is the city in the west, from which all can quickly get to the city of Samarkand. Right here everyone can go hiking and trekking. The city of Panjakent opens the opportunities of having the view of overwhelming beauties of northern and southern mountains. The city is considered to emerge in the 6th century.

Thanks to the Russian investigator Boris Marshak for his archeological works of about 50 years long. He made great work in finding the city of Panjakent. He found various paintings, sculptures. All of the exhibits are put in the museums of Russia and Uzbekistan. In order to get to the museum of ancient exhibits it is required to pay 5 somoni.

Those who are in Dushanbe and want to visit the city, can get a taxi and drive to the stop Cement Zavod Taxi Stand or use cars for rent Tajikistan, then from this factory take another taxi for 130 somoni to get to the city. Those who are in Khujand, need to take a way to the Yova Bus Station, where the taxi to the city costs 130 somoni.

In order to leave the city to Dushanbe, it is necessary to get to the bus stop station in 2 km from Panjakent Bazaar, the seat out of the city costs 130 somoni. In order to get to Samarkand, the guests need to get to the Panjakent Bazaar and take a taxi to the border for 10 somoni. Then the taxi to Samarkand needs to be taken. For this case about 7,000 UZS will be paid.

The visitants from Khujand and Istaravshan can return back with the taxi on the bus opposite the Rudaki Avenue, to Khujand the taxi costs 130 somoni, to Istaravshan 100 somoni. When the guests travel here from Haft Kul, and want to get back, they need to leave from the bazaar for 55 somoni, then take a bus to Shing for 20 somoni. To return to Fann Mountains, there will be needed to pay 25 somoni, the taxi will stop near the market, then the taxi will cost about 60 somoni.

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